The wine bar route, a self-guided circuit, to explore another facet of Bordeaux

BAR A VIN DU CIVBIn addition to guided tours of vineyards, the Bordeaux Tourist Information Office suggests exploring wine tourism in town this year, following the wine bar route.

It will take you down picturesque alleyways and streets, with breaks on wine bar terraces to sample local specialities in combos with emblematic Bordeaux vintages, of course, as well as wines from other French regions and from all over the world.

A sort of wine-ramble through the town and further afield, to the outlying towns of Mérignac, Gradignan and Talence, for a total of 14 selected establishments. Visitors are welcomed either in a cosy, intimate setting, where enthusiastic wine-growers will dispense their tips, or in more spacious establishments having adopted the “œnomatic” concept to introduce them to several different wines according to the formula chosen.

Following the route could hardly be simpler! An itinerary has been uploaded on the application Cirkwi. Simply download it and set out in the streets of Bordeaux, following the various milestones in each district.

If you’d rather not use your smartphone, you can also simply download the map of this Urban Wine Trail.

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