The Basque Coast: global surfing destination in 2017

Surfeur Billabong Pro à Anglet ©Jean-Jacques Brochard

Surfeur Billabong Pro à Anglet ©Jean-Jacques Brochard

Biarritz, the cradle of European surfing, Anglet and Bidart, three of the best surfing spots of the Basque Coast, will host the world championships of the surfing nations, the ISA World Surfing Games, next spring. The competition will be a chance to see some of the best surfers in the world develop, coming from thirty nations and 5 continents.

The International Surfing Association judged in France’s favour, competing against Japan and therefore in favour of the application sponsored by “Biarritz and the Baque Country” and supported by the French Surfing Federation.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to come and discover the beauty of the Basque coast, its surfing culture and its lifestyle.

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