Le Logis de la Cadène rooms in Saint-Emilion

©Logis de la Cadène

Le Logis de la Cadène, the oldest restaurant in Saint-Emilion, created in 1848, associated with the famous medieval city’s history, has just expanded. After acquiring Le Logis in 2013, the Boüard De Laforest family, owner of the famous château Angélus, Premier Grand Cru ranked “A” from Saint-Emilion, has just opened “La Maison de la Cadène”, a wonderful residence from the 17th century, located very near to the restaurant.


4 suites from the La Maison have been added to the 3 rooms and 2 suites from Le Logis.
Both Le Logis and La Maison offer an enchanting setting where you can stay in a warm, plush, wondrous atmosphere.
La Maison also has a sauna, a Turkish bath, a billiard room and a small garden where breakfasts are served.

The restaurant and its accommodation are a part of the Authentic Hotels & Cruises collection.
Authenticity and sophistication showcase the high end services which are offered there.

In the restaurant, it is a young and dynamic team which does the honours. In the kitchen, a young talent, Alexandre Baumard learnt the ropes in a number of reputable houses, notably with Paul Bocuse and Christophe Bacquie, before occupying his first role as chef.
For fans of sweets, Alexandre Baumard is assisted by a young pastry chef, Damien Amilien, with a great creativity mastering his art with great ease.

From €240 per room, €260 per suite in the low season.

Logis de la Cadène
3 Place du marché au bois
33330 Saint-Emilion
Tél. : +33 (0)5 57 24 71 40

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