L’espace Chemins-Bideak in Saint-Palais

Espace chemins Bideak ©Sergio Padura

L’Espace Chemins-Bideak is located at the European crossroads of the St James’s Way routes (GR 655 / 654 / 65), in the interior of the Basque Country.
Based on the former renovated convent of the Franciscans of the city of Saint-Palais, surrounded by a landscaped garden, this tourist site offers temporary and permanent exhibitions, an extraordinary garden, a grand fresco, to recount the history of man in Basse-Navarre and is a Chemin d’Art destination, as well as being one of culture and wonderful surprises. A place steeped in tranquillity.

Visits can be guided or not and are for individuals as well as groups.
It is possible to be accompanied on the hiking paths.

Adults: €8. Children from 6 to 18 years of age and pilgrims: €4. Free for those under 6 years of age.
€6 per person for groups from 10 people.

Ancien couvent des Franciscains
1, Route de Gibraltar
64120 Saint-Palais
Tél : + 33(0)5 59 65 56 80

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