Lascaux : total immersion in prehistory

LASCAUX_IV_Capture_d_ecranThe Centre International de l’Art Pariétal (International Cave Art Centre), known as Lascaux, is being built at the foot of the hill overlooking the village of Montignac, where the original cave lies.

The Lascaux cave is one of the most important decorated Paleolithic caves in terms of the sheer number and aesthetic quality of the works, and is the main feature of the Centre. The future facility will feature a reproduction of the entire cave, the fourth and most comprehensive reproduction of this focal point for cave art. It will exhibit the use of new imaging and virtual technologies for innovative sets, serving mediation, for a total immersion in prehistory.

The “tour companion” is a connected device which adapts the tour to the user’s age, language and any handicaps.

The Montignac-Lascaux Centre International de l’Art Pariétal will be setting a new benchmark for tourism and culture, highlighting and vulgarising cave art by way of the painted and engraved representations in the Lascaux cave. It is scheduled to open in the coming months.

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