Find out all about the role of wine in civilisation with the opening in central Bordeaux of the Cité du Vin

okcite-des-civilisations-du-vin-©XTU-Cité-des-civilisations-du-vinThe Cité du Vin is the first major cultural site dedicated to wine in Bordeaux, scheduled to open in 2016. Designed by the French architecture firm XTU as part museum, part adventure park, the Cité takes visitors on a tour of civilisations with a wine-growing tradition all over the world.

Audacious architecture
Your first impression of the Cité is that of remarkable architecture, to showcase the story of wine through the ages, in various cultures. The audacious architecture symbolises a swirl of wine in a glass, giving this outstanding building its rightful place alongside major international museums. Developed on 10 levels, bedecked with 3,000 glass panels and iridescent, lacquered aluminium, it houses a 55m belvedere and reflects the shimmering swirls of the river Garonne.
The Cité has been built in Chartrons, the historic wine-trading district in Bordeaux, beaming like a lighthouse over the river, the traditional route for shipping wine, to which Bordeaux and its wines owe their fame.

An international role
Inside, temporary and permanent exhibitions take visitors on a journey through time (from 6500 BC to the present era) introducing them to wine culture on all five continents. 23 20 exhibition modules each showcase an aspect of wine. They were designed then approved by a multidisciplinary committee of experts (including œnologists, historians, geographer, sociologists).
Ancient civilisations (Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire) also get a mention.

Experience it to the full
The Cité du Vin aims to be a source of knowledge for the public as well as an entertaining experience bursting with the taste of wine. The latest technological innovations serve to awaken your senses with 3D footage, holograms, fragrance diffusers, music and interactive tools. You can enjoy immersing yourselves in the sensorial content using a tour companion, available to all visitors. You get to fly over the incredible diversity of wine-growing areas, embark on a boat for a trip across emblematic waters, as did generations of traders, and learn about wine-tasting in several dimensions with games involving light, sound and smell.

A living place
On-site, visitors can also visit the boutiques, restaurants (one of which has panoramic views of the city) and a stunning view from the top of the belvedere. A 5-star hotel with 150 bedrooms, a shopping centre and a maritime shuttle service will also grace the site, in the vicinity of the building.
On the ground floor, there is a free wine tourism platform (information desk) to find out about and book tours and activities in the nearby vineyards and even further afield, as befits the international vocation of the Cité.
Languages spoken: information and audio-guides available in 8 languages.

Rates: Starting at €15 for one adult.

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