Take part in a bespoke visit to “L’Angélus” in Saint-Emilion

Le château de l'Angelus ©Château Angelus

Le château de l’Angelus ©Château Angelus

This château, an A ranked Saint-Emilion premier grand cru, is globally renowned. It owes its name to the location of the vineyard, from where the wine-growers could hear the bells of L’Angélus ring from the three surrounding churches. Nowadays, a carillon of 18 bells, which is its emblematic heart and soul, reigns over it. The address remains private. However, it is possible to go through the château’s doors for a private tasting session or a lunch, therefore enjoying a unique experience discovering a legendary vineyard and a property, the name of which alone is inspirational.

The Bee Bordeaux agency organises this kind of exceptional experience.


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