An original tasting workshop: Relax Tasting in Entre-deux-Mers

Relax Testing ©Olivier Nabais

Relax Testing ©Olivier Nabais

Jenny LLORET, wine-grower and sophrologist, offers a multi-sensory Bordeaux wine tasting experience.

You just need to breathe, to feel, in the context of a new kind of tasting workshop, organised in partnership with the Maison des Vins de Cadillac, in Entre-deux-Mers. Slow down and disconnect from Wi-Fi, released from the tensions of the body, novices and experts will discover their true nature.

These workshops, which are for everyone – groups, individuals, individuals in a group – take place on the last Friday of the month.

Languages spoken:
Maison des Vins de Cadillac
104-106 rue Cazaux Cazalet
Tél. : +33 5 57 98 19 20 – +33 6 77 14 36 47

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